Oral Extractions

Oral extractions are necessary when a patient has excessive tooth decay, an infection within the tooth, or overcrowding.

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Oral Extractions in Simi Valley

Oral extractions are necessary when a patient has excessive tooth decay, an infection within the tooth, or overcrowding. A tooth extraction may also be necessary when a patient needs braces and room is needed for teeth to shift into place properly.

At Simi Valley Periodontics, our dentists and oral surgeons are experts in performing oral extractions to ensure a healthy smile. Oral extractions may involve sedation, including local, general, IV sedation, or a combination. Oral extractions are relatively short, and the duration of the procedure ultimately depends on the complexities of the case. When the tooth that requires extraction is visible, it is usually an easy procedure; however, when a tooth is below the gums, broken, or impacted, it may require a more involved procedure. By contacting our team at Simi Valley Periodontics, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive examination and determine the best course of action. Every patient’s case is different, which is why it is always best to schedule an appointment with our team. If you are in need of oral extraction procedure in Simi Valley, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our team understands the importance of your oral health and we take pride in providing the absolute best treatment for our patients. 

Oral Extraction Procedure

Like stated previously, the extraction procedure varies depending on the circumstances of the tooth that needs to be extracted. If the tooth is visible, it is considered to be a simple extraction. If the tooth is impacted, broken, or below the gums, then it may require a surgical extraction. Here is more information about each:

  • Simple extraction: This procedure usually involves local anesthesia, which means that numbing around the tooth is administered. Patients who receive local anesthesia may only feel pressure; however, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Once the local anesthesia is administered, this will allow the oral surgeon to remove the tooth without any pain.

  • Surgical extraction: Since surgical extractions are more involved, this can involve a combination of IV sedation and local sedation. With IV and local sedation, you will feel completely at ease and will not feel any pain throughout the procedure. Depending on the patient and his condition, he may receive general anesthesia if necessary. With general anesthesia, the patient will be unconscious throughout the procedure. Once the anesthesia is administered, the oral surgeon will then make an incision into the gum area to remove the tooth. For severe cases, the oral surgeon may need to remove surrounding bone around the tooth or cut the tooth before it’s extracted.  

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If you are in need of an oral extraction, our team can help you every step of the way to maintain your oral health. Our oral surgeon in Simi Valley is highly experienced in oral extractions and take pride in providing our patients with the absolute best dental care. To learn more about our Simi Valley oral extractions, contact our team today to schedule an appointment!

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