What is CT Imaging?

What to expect at your CT Scan at Simi Valley Perio.

Dr. Yashar

What is CT Imaging?

We are committed to offering the highest quality technology to our patients at Simi Valley Periodontics. That’s why we have a CBCT scanner in our office for the safety and care of our patients, and the best information for our dentists to make the right decisions for your oral health. Learn more about CBCT scans here.

Are you still a little confused by the acronyms and dental terminology? Don’t worry, we’ll break down the service for you. Below is a photo of the service at Simi Valley Perio so you’ll know exactly what to expect during your CT Scan with us.

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What’s the risk?

There’s little to no risk involved with a CT scan since the machines used for dentistry use less radiation than traditional CT scan machines. They also require little to no special preparation. It’s a good practice to remove any jewelry, but no other preparation is required. Also make sure to tell your dentist you're pregnant, as radiation exposure may cause harm to unborn babies and other options may be better suited for your treatment. The scan usually takes a few minutes and it is painless.

what is ct imaging

What are the advantages?

CT scans make dental treatment safer, more predictable, and better informed. They are used when regular dental or facial x-rays aren’t sufficient. The scan provides a volumetric data of the subject and an infinite number of views and cross sections can be taken. This allows your dentist to see structures and angles of your mouth that would be impossible without this machine.

At Simi Valley Perio, these scans are ordered so your dentists can make the most informed decisions about your oral health. Our staff is trained extensively in the use of CT scanning and advanced imaging. It’s commonly used for dental implants, reconstructions of the bone or soft tissues, or determining tooth


ct imaging near me

Hopefully now you know a little more about your CT scan, and understand how this quick and low risk scan will help your dentist make a better, informed decision for your oral health!

Do you still have any questions about your CT scan? Call us at Simi Valley Periodontics or come in to see our incredible staff. Our philosophy is centered around patient education, so ensuring that our patients are informed and prepared is key to our office.

But don’t just take it from us! Below is a review from Richard S., a previous patient, and their experience at Simi Valley Perio and our in-office technology.

“Dr. Yashar saw me after my primary dentist and a few specialists could not figure out my constant pain and headaches lasting many months. Dr Yashar really listened, talking to me on my level. She did a great job of troubleshooting and problem solving, like a Sherlock Holmes of the mouth. The 3D X-Ray showed my premolar was fine, but she removed it anyway and the pain and headaches went away! Dr. Yashar performed a bone graft and later installed a titanium implant in the vacant area. All procedures were painless and precise...I look forward to every visit.”

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